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Japanese Stepping Stones

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Japanese stepping stones are a handmade reconstituted stone product designed to provide a random appearance.  Perfect for creating a winding path through the garden.  The shape was inspired by the traditional stepping stones used in ancient Japanese gardens, associated with creating a space of calm and tranquillity.  Now a popular choice amongst many UK gardeners.  The surface of the Japanese stepping stone is riven and the edges irregular.  The widths are irregular, with an average length of 500mm.


Diameter: 500-580mm Approx
Total Cost:

We recommend adding 10% extra just in case to allow for breakages, cuts and measurement inaccuracies.

Inspired by the traditional pathways found in Japanese gardens, the Japanese Stepping Stones have been cut into a mix of random sizes for a beautiful and natural stone look. Perfect for timeless garden designs as a winding garden path.

  • Durable and frost resistant, perfectly suited to the UK climate.
  • Riven textured surface with irregular edges and widths to emulate natural stone, ideal for winding garden paths, dry garden borders and Japanese inspired gardens. When laying across a lawn, ensure that the slabs finish just below the surface for easy mowing.
  • Displays a blend of grey and green tones to create a dark green shade.
  • Dimensions: Widths are irregular with an average of 200-400mm, Thickness 35mm.
  • Lengths are irregular with an average of 500mm 
  • 3 Faces for a natural variation 
  • Handmade in Shropshire, UK.
  • Single sided.

Design ideas

Winding garden path- use the Japanese stepping stones to create a random winding path through a covered rose walkway, or sunk into the garden lawn.  Allow the grass to just cover the edges and rotate the stones to create a random appearance.

Dry garden borders- the stepping stones can be set randomly within a gravel border, mixed up with pebbles and cobbles.  Use planting that does not require regular watering such as cactus and various grasses.

Read More about the Japanese Stepping stones in BBC Gardeners' World Live 2023 Gold Award Winning Garden

Japanese garden- use the irregular stepping stones set within decorative aggregates and ornamental planting.  Ideal for a crossing through a decorative pond, raise out of the water so that only the surface edges are visible.

Japanese Stepping Stones | Proudly Manufactured in Britain
Weight (KG) 12.00 kgs
Suitability Path
Indoor, Outdoor Outdoor
Style Traditional, Timeless
Thickness 35mm
Calibrated No
Material Concrete
Surface Finish Riven/Natural


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