In recent years patios are largely Grey or Beige.  Although there is nothing wrong with this, in fact our best selling colours are Grey and a Light Yellow, in my opinion, it would be fun to see more colour used within our hard landscaping.  We love to see colour in our borders and planters.  I think a bit of colour, like the warm glow of a sunrise, just makes you feel better.  So here are 5 Rogers Gardenstone products that will bring colour to your patio:

1. Siena tile- Use our Siena tiles to create a warm Mediterranean feel to your patio or sun terrace.

2. Tile on edge- Tile on edge is a decorative garden edging, ideal for borders and used within patio designs.  The warm Terracotta colour works well with darker shades of paving, bringing your patio to life.

3. Victorian tile- Victorian octagonal tiles bring colour and enhance the style and beauty of your garden .

4. Rustic brick- The Rustic brick is a replica of the old clay bricks.  The rustic brick is ideal used as a garden edging, and given it’s small size is very versatile and easy to follow winding flower beds.

5. Tudor brick- Tudor Brick Edging has the appearance of single bricks, but is in fact a row of four bricks, being 450mm in length and is ideal for creating a colourful border along the edge of your patio.