With our lives so busy these days, it doesn't really matter if your garden is large or small, what's important is to create a relaxing, intimate space where we can hide away from the outside world - a safe and simple place to seek refuge is essential for our health!

It can be tempting to add a lot of plants, features, garden furniture and seating, but overloading this natural area may end up having the opposite effect, leaving you feeling overwhelmed!

There are so many ways to include calming and relaxing elements in your garden design. From simple features to make your outdoor space stress free, to bigger ideas which might help you unwind. Here we've put together our favourite tips on transforming your garden.

1. Fragrant Plants

Choosing fragrant plants and flowers for your garden is proven to have calming effects, reduce stress and also look beautiful in spring and summer.

Not only that, spending your time caring for plants is a wonderful way to look after your mental health and great for attracting all kinds of wildlife. Nurturing and seeing these plants grow is rewarding and something you can enjoy whilst maintaining your garden area.

Summer Flowers

2. Create a Sense of Enclosure

A place of sanctuary ideally needs to be a space you can hide away in and relax. Make sure you have thought about how you could potentially create a feeling of calm and privacy outside your home with this relaxing garden idea.

It's a natural human feeling to want protection from our surroundings and the outside world. There are many ways to keep things enclosed whilst retaining an open, green area.

You may already have garden walling or a hedge on your neighbours boundary which you can use. If not, the right walling materials can create a great low boundary or enclosure. Fences are often a cheap and easy option but consider walls or even growing your own trees. This can trap sounds and pollution, creating a cleaner and more comfortable atmosphere in your garden. 

3. Winding Pathways

Somewhat ethereal and mysterious, create a calming and winding path to lead you to your place of sanctuary.

One way to add a relaxing feel to your garden is by making it more inviting with a clear path to follow. An easygoing path can help lead the way to a garden oasis, just right for somewhere stunning to relax. Stepping stones look delightful and very zen for creating winding paths. Add more charm and character to your paths with decorative garden edging.

It can be a good idea for your pathway to lead somewhere specific. This could be a seating area, water feature, a swing or your own personal secluded area. Use bricks, gravels or setts, whichever best suits your relaxing garden design!

Stepping Stones

4. Comfortable Seating

Adding seating with a specific aim to be as comfortable as possible is one of the best ways to create a perfect garden area to relax in.

Unwind with chairs, small benches, loungers, anything with durability and style in mind where you can just sit back and relax.

Talking of durability, consider seating that can withstand the British climate with minimum maintenance.

5. Wind Chimes

Now it depends what kind of person you are when it comes to including wind chimes in your garden. Some may find them serene, spiritual and calming, whereas others might find their inclusion a real irritation.

However, when it comes to cost effective and affordable ways to make soothing sounds around your garden, add wind chimes for a quick and stress relieving upgrade!

6. Add a Water Feature

Talking of sounds, a water feature can add the most relaxing soundscape to your garden and will make your sanctuary complete, with a stunning focal point.

Running water is such a relaxing noise and really triggers the most primal auditory senses to help you sit back and enjoy your garden.

Depending on budget, a water feature is well within your reach. A striking fountain could be incredible but small koi ponds, birdbaths and garden ponds can still achieve the same soothing like effect alongside your plant arrangement.

Black water feature

7. Add a Swing or Hammock

A favourite pastime when most of us were small, many still find it incredibly relaxing to while away a few hours on a swing seat or hammock

You can attach a swing or hammock to a branch or buy a purpose built swing seat which are available in lots of different materials and colours to suit your garden design. A wonderful and whimsical look to complete your garden sanctuary.

8. Inviting Patio Area

We've discussed all the things to add to your garden but what about the patio itself?

There are many materials, colours and textures to choose from for your garden patio and the right design will set the scene. Ensure that your patio is big enough to include the furniture and other features that you want to include.

Mixing and matching textures for your desired look is well worth the effort. Natural stone paving is really versatile for both traditional and contemporary designs. Patio circles add a lovely soft focal point in your garden. Figure out what kind of look you want and then consider the different types of flagstones and tiles available. Concrete paving slabs can be a more cost-effective and sustainable option then natural stone.

You can even add a raised patio area decorated with plant pots, green surroundings and flowers to create the most serene feel possible in your home garden.

Porcelain patio garden

9. Encourage Wildlife

Encouraging wildlife is a great way to enjoy sharing your garden (if you want to!) with birds, butterflies, dragonfly and more.

Choose the right plants that provide scent and all year round coverage for the best results here. The plants you choose can also help the colour pop in your garden, making your flowers a real attention grabber. 

Plant fragrant flowers like we mentioned in our first tip to have the best of both worlds! You can also choose to use bird feeders and other methods if you want to see more wildlife like this up close. 

10. Outdoor Lighting

As day turns to night, illuminate the right parts of your garden that will see the most activity in the evenings.

If you are yet to get lighting around your garden, you will be surprised at the effect it can have. In the height of summer, as the sun starts to set, creating an alluring space in your garden with perhaps the added luxury of a fire pit will allow you to stay outdoors for longer.

Setting the right mood around your patio and seating can really help yourself and also your guests to unwind at the end of a long day. Complete with walls for privacy, a table to chat around and relaxing pathways and plants, your home is set up for entertaining a chilled out gathering in the garden.

String lights

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