Garden path ideas.  It is so easy to overlook the design of your garden path and only consider the direction of travel, a means of getting from one part of the garden to the other.  The garden path is an integral part of your garden dynamic and works best when the design and materials used fit the overall character of your outdoor space.   Consider the style and character of your garden.  The materials you use may to some degree be dependent upon style.  For example a traditional formal garden may use large flagstones, where as a country garden may use rustic bricks.  Here are 5 garden path ideas to consider:

  1. Traditional formal garden path- use large flagstones laid in a traditional bond edged with replica Victorian edging, keep lines straight and in proportion;
  2. Traditional country garden path- rustic or clay bricks are ideal for creating a winding or straight pathway through your garden;
  3. Japanese garden path- for over a 1,000 years Japanese gardens have used random stepping stones to create safe passage.  The stepping stones are typically set in gravel;
  4. Rural garden path- our log stepping stones provide a great way of creating a pathway through a less formal garden, such as a woodland area;
  5. Contemporary urban garden path- in recent years cobble granite setts have become a very popular material in urban garden designs.