Arguably one of the most essential elements in a Japanese garden design is the paths. The ultimate goal of Japanese garden paths is to lead a person towards a particular point. They demand attention and focus to ensure you do not miss a step which creates a real sense of presence and mindfulness. Japanese gardens generally have at least two styles of stone path. One is using stepping stones (tobi-ishi), and a wider more formal looking path that translates to stone carpet (nobedan). Create a Japanese stone Path, adding a curvaceous point of interest and more functionality in your garden design, using our best selling Japanese Stepping Stones like our recent customer below.


Mark out the area and shape. Measure the depth of the stepping stones to give a measurement when digging the area out. this will allow you to ensure that the stones are level with the grass which will ensure you can mow around the path effectively.


Dry lay the stone path design first and make a note of the desired pattern before laying them.


Lay a membrane to ward off the weeds and then place your stepping stones in your desired pattern on your mortar bed of choice.


Use grass seed to fill in the gaps or leave the cement mix showing to get weathered in time. Finally, enjoy your finished project!

Japanese Stepping Stones

£10.80 each Inc. VAT

Japanese stepping stones are a handmade reconstituted stone product designed to provide a random appearance.  Perfect for creating a winding path through the garden.  The shape was inspired by the traditional stepping stones used in ancient Japanese gardens, associated with creating a space of calm and tranquillity.  Now a popular choice amongst many UK gardeners. The surface of the Japanese stepping stone is riven and the edges irregular.  The widths are irregular, with an average length of 500mm.