How to make a small garden look bigger is possible through careful thought and good garden design.  A small garden can become a place to relax or for entertaining with family and friends.

Here are 6 handy tips on how to make a small garden look bigger:

1. Shape

The use of clever shapes (circles, ovals and rectangles) and perspective in your small garden are a great way of creating the illusion of space.  Use a large circle or a series of circles to make a garden appear longer.  Where more than one circle is being used, have the circle closer to the house slightly larger than the one towards the end of the garden. Circles can be created in the lawn and edged with cobbles or bricks.

2. Colour

As a rule, warm colours used near the house and cooler colours towards the end of the garden will trick the brain into thinking the garden space is longer than it actually is, creating the illusion of distance.  Again dark colours (or a feature) used as a focal point further away gives depth to the garden;

3. Materials

Use smaller paving stones or tiles in your main patio area or pathway.  Use our rustic brick or Terracotta tiles to create an intricate patio/pathway design.  A pergola over the main patio or as a walkway is a good way of creating height.  A winding path partly hidden with planting creates a sense of wonder and mystery;

4. Planting

Remove oversized plants in small gardens, and if planning from scratch choose plants that do not grow too big for the space.  Create height with climbers, such as clematis/jasmines/roses.  Borders should be planned to have low-level planting at the forefront rising to the tallest plants at the back;

5. Hidden spaces

Even in a small garden, you can create intrigue and mystery with secret areas.  A winding path leading to a small patio at the end of the garden, with just enough room for a small table and a couple of chairs, will make your garden feel bigger. Japanese stepping stones can add a zen garden element to a garden, helping to promote mindfulness and interest as they wind through a certain area. 

6. Clutter

Choose furniture that can fold away easily and avoid bulky items.  Built-in seating areas within the patio are a clever use of space.  Group pots together rather than having them spread throughout the garden.  Have a storage space to tidy away the children's toys.

Create Shape & Interest

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