In this blog post we look at the Top 5 Garden Stepping Stones for those looking to enhance their gardens with subtle features. Stepping Stones come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles and all add a unique magical highlight to any garden design. They can be used as both decorative elements as well as providing practicality over lawned and gravelled areas or through flower beds. From rustic wood effect to cool natural stone there is a stepping stone out there to suit every taste, from traditional to modern.

1: Log Stepping Stones

Wood effect stepping stones are a best selling garden accessory and are highly practical due to their concrete construction. These stones appear like the cross section of a tree trunk and are fall more slip resistant than real log cuttings! Whether through a section of wood chippings or decorative gravel Log Stepping Stone add a wonderful softness and warmth to any space.

Log Stepping Stones

2: Railway Sleepers

Railway sleepers, similarly to Log Stepping Stones, add the warmth of natural timber to any setting. Reclaimed railway sleepers can be costly and difficult to craft for a home renovation project, but there are reconstituted alternatives that offer great non-slip properties, consistent sizing and much more cost effective pricing.

Railway Sleepers

3: Raj Blend Round Stones

This wonderful sandstone stepping stone has a light riven finish and is a perennial favourite in modern British gardens such as new builds and contemporary landscape designs. Raj Blend Round Stones have a crisp round design and a calibrated thickness which makes them ideal for adding a consistent flavour through any outdoor space.

Raj Blend Round Stones

4: Traditional Round Stepping Stones

These beautifully aged stones are the cottage alternative to the modern chic of Raj Blend Round Stones, suiting period properties and settings where a sympathetic and time worn appearance is sought.

Traditional Round Stepping Stones

5: Old Rectory Random Stepping Stones

To create a truly authentic natural stone look and feel these Old Rectory Random Stepping Stones are a real winner. Supplied in a variety of sizes they look right at home next to traditional cottages and kitchen garden style settings. This beautiful sandstone has a tumbled surface, is frost resistant and looks like it's been had decades of footsteps as soon as it's laid in any garden design.

Old Rectory Random Stepping Stones