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Stepping stones for garden paths from Gardenstone.

The Gardenstone team understands that different garden designs require a different visual approach. That’s why we supply our customers with a range of stunning styles to complement their home’s exterior. Our designs for garden stepping stones include Wood-Effect Stepping Stones, Concrete and Natural Stone Stepping Stones, and Japanese Stepping Stones.

  • Wood Effect Stepping Stones

Our Wood Effect Stepping Stones come in a range of shapes and sizes and mimic real timber sleepers and log stepping stones, giving any garden a rustic and authentic feel. We understand the importance of detail, and so make every feature to accentuate, complement and enhance all the hard work you put into your garden.

  • Concrete Stepping Stones

Our Concrete and Natural Stone Stepping Stones are durable, frost-resistant, and available in various natural colours and finishes to suit your exterior space. Both styles provide warmth and charm to modern and traditional garden designs.

  • Japanese Stepping Stones

Arguably, no home exterior is as serene, tranquil and attractive as a Japanese garden. Our Japanese Stepping Stones provide a traditional Japanese aesthetic, expertly handmade, varied and authentic in appearance.

Of course, all garden stepping stones have to lead somewhere! If you want to create a focal point in your garden, browse our extensive collection of patio paving or complement your stepping stones with our selection of gravel, chippings and pebbles.